Year in Review

Year in Review

2017 is over, and I thought I'd share some of my favourite work I've done this year. Just a heads up, this is gonna be a very image heavy post!


This first batch is a selection from a campaign for The Scotland Shop shot by Andy Hoang. It's always a pleasure to work with Andy, and we worked together several times this year, so this one was a great way to kick off the year! These are just some of my favourites of the set. The location is The Milk Thistle cocktail bar in Bristol. it looks absolutely gorgeous, so think I might just have to visit one day! 

This second batch is a selection of images from a beauty series for Martine Séverin. Taken from her instagram post about this series; "The series is inspired by a John Singer Sargent painting, and explores the private and public face women put forth in the world. As women, we often veil parts of ourselves to fit social constraints and our societal role(s). In this work, I played with the veiled face as a way to explore these social constraints."

This last batch for January is an editorial for Factice Magazine by Zuzia Zawada. I absolutely love these images! Back when I used to shoot I wanted to do a beauty shoot with a leaf blower, so I was really happy to see these images and get to vicariously fulfil my wish! 


February opens up with more work with Andy! I don't get men's jobs through very often, but it's always a bit of a change! 

These images were for a couture gown designer, Ernesto Tapia, alongside makeup artist Damien Vasquez. The entire team was just wonderful to deal with. Most clients I work with are lovely, but these guys were especially so. Clients like these make jobs just that much more enjoyable! 

This is a standalone image, but as mentioned before, I don't get many images of men so I wanted to share this one! This was an image by Michael Wright for the Loreal Colour Trophy Awards

This last set was the first for a new client, Stoney Darkstone. We've worked together many many times over the course of the year, and we started off with a set that I just loved! This was for a line of lip products for Blackmoon Cosmetics.


Once again, March was ushered in by working with Andy Hoang! This time it was for a bag company, Amschela

I then had a job through for lingerie designer, Karolina Laskowska. I've known Karolina for what must be around 8 years now, so I'm always happy to work with her in any capacity! I asbolutely adore these images of her modelling her own designs.

From the perfect set to see off winter, to the perfect set to see in spring. These next images are from a jewellery campaign shot by Vikram Kushwah. I really love these images, the location and the jewellery are just beautiful! I love the way Vikram used a mirror within the set.


Place your bets for who this set of images is by....yep, Andy Hoang! I think this is my favourite set of images we've worked on together. This is an editorial that went in iMute.


This is another editorial, this time with Magic Owen. Magic is another photographer I just love to work with, she's always such a joy! This editorial was for MOD Magazine.

Next up is another editorial! This one was shot by Sally Rose McCormack for The Model Magazine. I just love working with Sally, she's another photographer who's so easy and lovely to work with. We work so well together, the whole process is easy and fun. It's always a good day when I receive images from her! Plus, we went to the same University, and studied on the same course, though several years apart. 


Halfway through now, and this set is a selection from another set with Stoney Darkstone for Blackmoon Cosmetics, this time for false eyelashes. They wanted a very specific stylised look for this one, which was fun to experiment with.

This next set is for another with Stoney and Blackmoon. By this point, Stoney and I had really hit our groove and were working really well together! These are just some of my favourites from this set, which I just love. We nicknamed this set 'Gloop', because well, look at all the gloop.  


Going back to tradition, here's another set with Andy! This was a small one where he was experimenting with gelled lighting, and here's a few of my favourites. 

Another set with Stoney, this time an editorial for HUF Magazine. I love working on images with lots of colour, so I was in my absolute element with this set. The styling, lighting, model, everything, I love it all! 

Another one with Stoney this month, again for Blackmoon Cosmetics. I really love the aesthetic that Blackmoon go for, they like to show how their products appear on a range of skin tone. Considering skin is my favourite thing to retouch, it means I'm always happy!

Closing off the month with another beauty set, this was for Zuzia Zawada with makeup artist Gosia Gorniak. I fell head over heels with this set the moment that I saw it, and Zuzia let me choose some of the final images with her, which is such a rarity so I was honoured! She has even allowed me to select some to specifically retouch for the purposes of showing before and afters which I really need to get a move on when I have a spare moment!  


Well done if you've made it this far! 

August was full of beauty images, first off was for *drumroll* do I need to say it? Yep, Andy Hoang! I've posted about these images before, showing some before and afters, which you can see here

This last set for August is for skincare company Stacked Skincare, who were undergoing an overhaul and wanted a whole stack of images doing. (See what I did there?! Don't hit me...) 


Closing out summer was some more images for Karolina Laskowska, shot by Sparklewren. They wanted a 'fantasy fairy garden' sort of feel to these images, which is a very different brief to the sort I'm used to, so it was fun to work on something a little different! 

I received another editorial from Sally Rose McCormack, this time shot in Las Vegas for Elléments Magazine. How great is this location?! I was rather sad when I finished these images!

The second editorial for this month, is another with Stoney. When this arrived, my jaw dropped and I knew it was going to be a lot of fun! There's not one thing about these images that I don't like. The dramatic lighting, the styling, the models, the choice of smoke for background composite. It's all great! 


Nearly there....

October was another month of beauty images. Stacked Skincare was happy with the round I did for them back in August, so came back to me with so many more that it kept me busy for the entire month! 


In November I took a very much needed break, and had some time off! I'm one of those freelancers who will continuously make excuses for not being able to make time for themselves, until it comes to the point where I have to take time to breathe. If you freelance and don't already regularly take time off for yourself, I highly recommend you start! I don't usually make resolutions, but one thing I'll be doing in 2018 is taking more time off, even if it's just a few hours each evening, instead of working from waking until sleeping. 


As December is still underway (well, only just!) most images haven't been approved for release yet, so I can only share these. This is another set with Stoney Darkstone, a campaign for watch company Belrose. I really enjoy retouching products, so a mix of beauty plus products is a win for me! Belrose wanted the skin on these pushed a little further than I would usually go for, but I still really like them!


And that's it for 2017! I've been busier than I thought I had, and this post is just a selection of the work I've been doing. I'd like to be even busier next year though, continue with commercial and advertising work, but also work on more editorials as I just love to work alongside an extended team, albeit from behind a screen. I also plan on getting a camera again (I know, I keep blathering on about that but never actually doing it) as I have several projects I'd like to work on, several people I'd like to work with, as well as a book project I'm extremely keen to get underway, and get published! 

Personally, 2017 hasn't been the transformative year that I hoped it would be. I started the year very much at the bottom of a hill, hoping to slowly make it to the top, and then realised it wasn't a hill, but it was Everest. And then I sank into the mud at the bottom. And then face planted! But we all face challenges, so perhaps 2018 I'll start being able to make the slog out of bad analogies and clichés...

How do you feel 2017 went for you? What do you hope to achieve in 2018? 

Throwback Thursday - 16th Nov '17

Throwback Thursday - 16th Nov '17